Deep Dharma is a teaching site of North Shore Meditation and Dharma Center in Highland Park, Illinois. Our teachings are available free to anyone who wishes to use them, in any non-commercial, not for profit endeavor. Should you wish to make a donation, go to northshoremeditation.org and click the donate button. All donations are tax deductible. Andy and Carl are the authors of all Deep Dharma content, unless otherwise credited.

Andy Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Andy Cohen is an attorney and Buddhist practitioner living and practicing in the Boston area. He is co-author, with Carl Jerome, of practice commentaries on Nagarjuna’s Middle Way Philosophy, Nagarjuna’s Twelve Gate Treatise, Vasubandhu’s Discussion of the Five Aggregates, and other commentaries all of which are available for reading and downloading on this site. Andy is also a part time musician (see Songs).

Carl Jerome

Carl Jerome

Carl became has been a dedicated student of Buddhism for the past twenty-five years. His first teacher was Zen Master Philip Whalen in San Francisco. Fifteen years ago he became a student of Master Jiru at the Mid-American Buddhist Association in St. Louis. He became a full time resident and teacher at the monastery in 1999 and earned the status of senior dharma teacher there. He is the founding teacher of the North Shore Meditation and Dharma Center on Chicago’s suburban north shore, where he currently resides.

The Deep Dharma Tradition

Andy and Carl, and deepdharma.org, are nonsectarian in their approach to the Dharma.

A shorthand way to describe DeepDharma’s “tradition” is: Andy and Carl, and deepdharma.org, are Buddhists following the naturalistic tradition of Buddhism, exemplified by the teaching of the seminal Buddhist monastic universities of classical India, such as Nalanda.

Contributing Writers

Susan Kahn

Susan Kahn practices and teaches, personally and professionally, the Buddhist philosophy of emptiness, also known as The Middle Way. She is a psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area. We are grateful to her for allowing us to repost her lucid and eloquent article on The Two Truths.