Examining Key Buddhist Philosophy, Doctrines, and Ideas


Here you’ll find practical information and suggestions that are deep, fearless, confrontational, and possibly funny. This site is not a general introduction to Buddhism. Rather, it is devoted to exploring hidden corners and critical issues that have been under-noticed.

The aim of Buddhist philosophy is not to replace “unwarranted” beliefs with “justified true” beliefs. Instead, Buddhist philosophy, insights, and mindfulness practices ask us to break the habit of forming these beliefs in the first place, erroneously declaring them to be true and then becoming attached to them.

Unfortunately, our lives are often spent in an unceasing endeavor to affirm the validity of our views, opinions, beliefs, attitudes and ideas. Maybe it is time to break the habit? The aim of this site is to provide you with understandings of Buddhist psychology and philosophy so that you will have the everyday practical tools to do exactly that: to break the habit and to see clearly and to live an engaged life.

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